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Sports Management
and Innovation Africa Congress 2019

Invariably new stories, trends and themes are emerging which will keep disrupting the sporting industry, derail the game plan for executives, and delight sports fans

About us

Indepthtech is a 100% black owned and managed company it is a dynamic company with sound business principles and determination to deliver the highest standards of technology events. We believe in partnering with our customers for purposes of continuous business improvement for them to keep up with technology advancements in a highly competitive world. We create an enegaging and insighful environment for tech discussions and presentations. Our value-add involves enabling our customers to achieve business efficiency, which leads to: Enhanced competitiveness - Increased profitability - Improved productivity... and knowlegde of in future trends.

Our Vision
Is to strive to provide sustainable technology business solutions  to our stakeholders

Our Mission
Is to ensure service excellence, value add, risk reduction, leading technology solution, empower people in sync with modern market trends

Our Values
• Excellent customer service
• Maximise business benefits through appropriate solutions
• Authentic BEE Company
• Genuine partnership


Invariably new stories, trends and themes are emerging which will keep disrupting the sporting industry, derail the game plan for executives, and delight sports fans. Hence professionals and stakeholders in this fraternity need to stay competitive ensuring customer satisfaction and accelerating player performance. 

The 2019 Sports Management Forum aims to bring the key players in one accord to discuss challenges still facing the industry and bring about solutions going forward. We also see sports being disrupted by technology advancements and cultural changes. The forum will look into how can sports executives capitalize on these industry changes. 

Sports Management
and Innovation Africa Congress 2019

This interactive, hands on 2 days conference and workshop are for current and would be managers. Delegates will walk away from this event with a tool of new skills and ideas that you will be able to implement in your club and organization. 

01 - 02 JULY 2019

Sierra Hotels, Randburg, Johannesburg

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Benefits of Attending

• Opportunities and challenges for sports industry in 2019
• Capitalising on new technologies to reduce costs on player contracts
• Strategies on reducing mental and physical health to increase performance
• Leveraging on new emerging technologies as AI and IoT
• Overcoming the mental health in the industry
• A sound understanding of manager/CEO role leadership role
• Best practice of good governance in sport management
• The ability to use advanced marketing and management tools
• Pratical knowledge and different strategies available for negotiation
• Best option for securing your sports assets
• Anger management in sports
• Leveraging sports assets
• The ability to operate ‘’business to business”’ in sporting environment
• Staff empowerment strategies
• Soccer scouting, player evaluations, player ratings and in-depth Analysis
• Relations between soccer leagues, player contracts, player trades and acquisitions.
• Soccer franchise and stadium operations worldwide
• How to run a business of any size soccer club
• The use of modern technology in sports management 

Sierra Hotels, Randburg, Johannesburg


Our Amesome Speakers

Join us for the most intresting, insightful and engaging event. Industry leaders sharing ideas and solutions in this year's  Sports Management & Innovation Africa Congress 2019

Erewa Kelvin Mene

 Editor in Chief - Emperor International.

Anthony Eva

Co-founder & Creative Director of bizAR Reality

Ulysse Baguida

CEO and Co founder of U’HOPE Company

Bas Wijne

CEO and founder
of BitCord

 Dr. Yumna Albertus

Division of Exercise Science and Sports Medicine

Who Should attend

This program is designed for CEO,s, Directors, Sport Management Executives, Sports Marketing Executives, Sports Product development managers, sports sponsors, player personnel or front office, sports marketing personnel, account managers, media and community relations officer, merchandising and retail managers, endorsement and player negotiations manager, manager of sports facilities (Stadium), Promoter of sporting events, coordinator of sports sponsorship, manager of a gymnasium, sport club, association or union, state/Provincial or national/ International league sporting organisations or direct reports within sporting organisations.

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