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CEO and Co founder of U’HOPE Company


I was born in Belgium in 1974 and I shared my education between Europe and Africa.
After two years in medical studies in Central Africa Republic (CAR), I changed my orientation and started studying Theology, Psychology and Science of Education, Sciences of Religion, Communication, Sociology and Anthropology, Entrepreneurship (at the University of Wales and at the Université Catholique de Louvain). I achieved two Bachelors and two Masters: Science of Religions and Socio-Anthropology.

I started to work as a teacher in September 2004 and I also started my own company in 2007 which became U'HOPE COMPANY in June 2018.

As a citizen of Central African Republic I was very concerned by the crisis that my country has been going through since 2013. I was and still convinced that education was the key for improving a society, and I am aware of the lack of teachers in a large part of my country.

That’s how the idea of an interactive tele teaching through the Internet (Vsat), that could enable a teacher to teach several classrooms in different parts of the country at the same time. In partnership with an Internet connection provider ( SatADSL SA) we started a pilot project in a High School (Lycée Nasradine) in Bangui (CAR). We then observed that the students who attended our tele teaching from teachers who were in Europe had a better rate of success than those who did not.

In order to further innovate in the interactivity with the numerical solution, we developed our own software with teaching tools that we called D@niel. We are testing our platform in various practical areas (professional trainings in many different sectors). Our platform enables us to show objects like pianos and sports equipment and how to interact with them. This way a coach or a manager can manage several teams at the same time.

The experience we have had with our communication software that with e.g. objects and our experience with internet partners providers, has led us to study the long-range interactivity such as IoT as we innovate our software. I also take part in squash practice each week as well as coaching the children’s rugby team each week.

This experience in sports helps me to apply our innovation in the management of sport. Our goal with our platform in sport management is to integrate the study of the movements we can see through the platform with the definition of spatial marks.

Starting January 2019, we began using our technology in a High School in Brussels (Athénée Royal de Verwée) in order to offer replacement for absent teachers and for remediation.

We have already presented this concept to such countries as Senegal, Cameroun, South Africa and we were a speaker at the last Africa-Belgium Business Week 2019 FORUM B2B EUROPE-AFRIQUE ;


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