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Dr. Yumna Albertus

Division of Exercise Science and Sports Medicine 

 Dr. Yumna Albertus

Dr Albertus is a Senior Lecturer and Emerging Researcher in the Division of Exercise Science and Sports Medicine. Her research focus is on neuro-muscular physiology, where she is the lead researcher investigating the neuromuscular effects of exercise rehabilitation in certain conditions. Her research has ranged from rehabilitation using robotic over-ground walking in spinal cord injury, exercise-based rehabilitation in cardiovascular disease, elite para-athletes with Cerebral Palsy, injury risk in running using different shoe conditions.

Dr Albertus uses innovative technology to monitor neuromuscular changes over time. She measures neuromuscular patterns using electromyography and recently more specialized High-density electromyography (HD EMG) and muscle fibre conduction velocity. In building the HD EMG system with the help of UCT Biomedical engineering, she heads the only research group using HD EMG in Africa.

Dr Albertus has an established collaboration with the world-leading researcher in HD EMG, Prof Ales Holobar, and will be measuring motor-unit activity in spinal cord injury. This allows for a deeper understanding into the physiology of muscle and the ability to investigate the effects of rehabilitation and exercise on neuroplasticity in activation of more motor units.

She has published 19 manuscripts with an H-Index of 7 and 315 citations. She holds positions on the following University of Cape Town committees; Faculty of Health Science Postgraduate Student Task Team, Student-Supervisor Portfolio, Employment Equity representative, Postgraduate funding and internationalization committee, Department Human Biology EXCO Committee, Post Graduate Student Affairs Portfolio, Divisional EXCO Committee Departmental Research Committee and Secretary of Experimental Biology Group. She is also a committee member of the International Society of Electromyography and Kinesiology and the International Society of Biomechanics.


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