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Agenda & Workshops

01 - 03 JULY 2019

Day 01/ 01 July 2019

8:15 - 8:45 Registration and early refreshments
08:45 - 9:00 Chairpersons opening remarks


1. Keynote Address

• Leadership Confidence, the cornerstone in sports management
• Trends in Global sports
• Finding revenue new revenue streams to pay for projects and discussing increasing costs 


2. The Best practice of good governance in sport management

• The need for good governance in sports
• Pillars for good governance
• Guidelines for enhancing good governance 


3. The secrets of managing a sports organisation

• Tools for understanding sports
• Interplay between theory and evidence
• Main tasks of any sports organisation
• Offering customer value
• How marketers increase value 


4. Understanding Legal issues in sports

• Contractual relationships
• Intellectual Property
• Drawing up the constitution and BOD
• The role of agents in sports
• Conflicting commercial rights in sports
• Unfair dismissal in sports
• Case studies 


5. Examining the benefits of using and adopting IoT in sports management 

• Using technology IoT offers to examine physical health and reduce costs long term contracts
• Determine the duration of a contract based on a health of each individual player based on their health
• Adopting IoT to increase customer experience and ticket sales 


6. Integration of technology to deliver state of the art live performance 

• Ageing technology – new facilities – LED Screen boards, ribbon boards
• Addressing the challenge on how revenues respond to this demand
• Learning available technologies to and investment opportunities thereof  


7. Sports Psychology, its role and function in sport management

• Key tools to use in anger management
• The role of stress and emotions on wellbeing
• What are the dangers of responding emotionally 


8. Changing the entertainment experience to better customer experience 

• Construction and operating facilities in a way sports fan feels safe and comfortable
• Examine increasing price of stadium experience
• Prioritising customer experience to increase sales tickets
• Growing integration of augmented and virtual reality 

Day 2 / 02 July 2019

Half Day Workshops


1. Data Analytics in sports 

• Ways of mining data and growing clients relations and loyalty
• Using data to plan ahead in running events
• Impact it has on relationship between leagues, gambling institutions, data providers, and the government
• Looking at how it is changing the way fans can interact with games 


2. Tackling mental health affecting athletes 

• Depression
• Fatigue
• Anxiety
• Investments in mental wellness  


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