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Bas Wijne

 CEO and founder of BitCord

Bas Wijne

Bas is the CEO and founder of BitCord, a company that supports organizations in their digital transformation journey. BitCord helps you identifying the steps you need to take on this journey and provides you with the technology, project management, software development and processes optimization required.

Beginning his 20+ year career at an early age, Bas debuted into the technology world with his first role at a Pay-TV company in the Netherlands. After that he spent years going from the one continent to another to manage large-scale technology projects. His down-to-earth and practical attitude quickly earned him the respect of his peers and he steadily rose to head up the technology department at OSN in Dubai. Wanting to focus on his true passion Bas decided to focus his career on Digital Transformation.

Bas is passionate about the use of technology in a business environment and has led many projects involving technology architecture, design, development and implementation targeting the improvement of the customer experience, process optimization, cost savings and revenues. It’s that combination of a deep understanding of business processes and technology that drives him.

He has a particularly strong affinity with data (mining, analytics, AI) and the use of this in the decision-making processes.

He has been fortunate to work on almost all continents for large corporations in diverse industries.


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